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Planets Behaving Badly: Yep, It's a Grand Cross

Feeling the Grand Cross today? Lots of people are. Here's what's going on. Basically, there are four planets that are locking horns in very hard / strained relationship, and usually that causes extreme tension, and a feeling of being pulled in many directions resulting in a lot of indecisiveness and non-productivity. Imagine four strong willed siblings stuck in a room together, with their innate rivalries and memories of fights, and grudges toward each other. That's a typical grand cross. The planets involved this time are Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. When enacting an episode of Planets Behaving Badly, Mars promotes arguments, picks fights, and takes unwise risks, while Jupiter is pompous, conceited to the point of fanaticism, and exaggerates everything, making it worse. Uranus is uncooperative and rebellious, and bent on fomenting revolution, which usually end up in breakdowns. Pluto enjoys creating crises in order to exert power, which Pluto often abuses. If any of these planets today are triggering something in your own astrological chart -- and chances are high that one or more of them are -- you may be quite strongly impacted. In this current Grand Cross, these planets are each colored with cardinal energy, which is the quality of getting things started, of ambitious high energy and personal focus. If acting with all that reckless, negative, out of proportion, power struggling, things falling apart personality combo, problems can be left unresolved and hurt feelings will linger for some time. Some of us, though, will feel the cardinality of the grand cross, and the most positive traits of the planets, which for Mars is passion, for Jupiter enthusiasm or optimism, for Uranus it's breakthrough, and for Pluto it's transformation.

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