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Behold a Grand Sextile

For the second time within 30 days, the planets and luminaries of our solar system are arranging themselves in a Grand Sextile and wide double Grand Trine on Monday, Aug 26. This configuration is relatively rare and if you tend to use tight orbs like I do – such as about 4 degrees separation, rather than the 9 degrees it takes to make this work – you could miss seeing it. Perhaps though in the vast reaches of the universe, a few more degree of difference don’t matter much. So what does this mean? Typically, such a configuration is considered auspicious on a global scale for being an opening of a portal for transformation. Such a portal allows in energies of peace, harmony, sensitivity, gratitude and other traits of spiritual consciousness. One way I like to think about this rare event is that it is the Cosmos reminding us that we truly are all connected -- that's what a Grand Sextile does, it connects points around a whole chart. And when that happens two triangles or Grand Trines are also formed -- one that esoterically symbolizes the Sacred Yin principle and another than symbolizes the Sacred Yang principle. Together this resulting Star of David looking configuration shows us that we are being called to accept a surrendering of all that is Yang to an outpouring of Yin in spiritual consciousness. And although this astrological configuration lasts about a week when using the really wide orb, the effects may be felt for months. Some may even be impacted for years if other transformation energies are impacting you at the same time. Generally, tho, the wider the orb, the less dramatic impact you are likely to personally notice. So, take this occurrence tomorrow as a chance to connect with universal spiritual consciousness in an extra intentional way. Stepping into that energy yourself may and paying close attention my increase your chances of getting its benevolent effects.


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