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Celtic Tree Oracle -- Furze Card

Today's anonymous one card draw reading comes from the Celtic Tree Oracle cards. The card that presented itself today is the Ohn / Furze, which is actually more of a shrub with golden yellow flowers. The Furze sets itself apart enough from the crowd to have an unshaded climate in which to draw nourishment from the Sun, and as such it comes to one today who needs to break out from under someone else's influence, and develop more independence. Furze says you need not go too far away -- physically, or emotionally, but that thinking for yourself is needed, as time is past for you to entirely operate in someone else's shadow. That shadow could also mean being overly responsive to pleasing others at your own expense. If that sounds familiar, it's time for you to separate from those who control you or who voices are louder than yours. It is essential for your growth and peaceful state of mind to experience pleasing your own self first for a while. Furze also says to take care to gather what you need for this time apart. Rather than breaking away hastily or out of anger or impulse, think forward to making the right climate for yourself and all that you will need to do that. It may be some weeks or months before you implement your plan, but meanwhile, keep it private. It is for no one else to judge or advise or that will take some of the growth away from you. Again Furse emphasizes that this is not necessarily directed to a big cross country move. The relocation or change is more to a state of mind, attitude, emotion or opportunity where you can soak up all the Sun -- Truth, Light, Independence, Solitude, Growth, Attention, etc, -- you need to become who you are meant to be. If you feel that message is meant for you and would like to share how it applies, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to comment here or message me privately. Namaste and Mitakuye Oyasin.


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