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The 1 of Cups -- Happiness and a New Start

I woke up this morning with a poke to do another anonymous reading for someone who gets my posts in their newsfeed -- is it you? Today's cards are The Daughters of the Moon, created by Ffiona Morgan -- a beautiful, empowering, feminist, deck of big round cards. The card is the 1 of Cups, which in this deck is the card of Happiness. It comes tilted from the upright position about 90 degrees to the right, indicating that there is a situation underway in which you will require opening to or recognizing the inner, subjective, personal ways in which you must create your own happiness. If you have been waiting for others to do, say, or allow something that would provide you with happiness, this tilted card is showing you that you need not wait, that what you are wanting already lies within you.