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Astrological Factors in Newtown Tragedy

I was asked tonight what in the stars today might account for what happened in CT this morning. Here's my answer: Event charts aren't really my area of expertise but here's what I see. At 930 am, which I understand was the time the school shooting started, one of the points of fate -- the Vertex -- was combust (less than 1 degree apart) an entity called Transpluto which signifies loss and grief by sudden and repeated abduction (relates to the myth of Persephone being abducted from Demeter by her father Hades -- might be said that the 20 children were abducted by the shooter in a way and certainly taken from their mothers). This combustion was in exact opposition to Neptune, the indicator of sacrifice and disillusion (perhaps of the illusion of safety and innocence and protection being at school), further increasing the danger. In addition, in a chart for Newtown, the houses had just shifted to put Transpluto in the 8th house, which can signify death. Also, Saturn, another indicator of fate or karma, and sometimes also read as Father Time or death, was in the house of education (though usually the 9th is read as higher ed / college) and it was sextile to Pluto, another planet that is often associated with death or transformation as in the ending of the old before the beginning of the new. Sextile means they were in a friendly, cooperative relationship, and perhaps helping each other on a deadly mission. And both Saturn and Pluto were in stressful aspects to Uranus, the planet that causes sudden chaos and destruction. Finally, Mars the planet of anger and vengeance was square to (conflict promoting with) Eris -- a new planet increasingly used by astrologers -- which carries the meaning of strife and discord, and which was in the house of early education. So while all of these factors could be interpreted differently, and if there wasn't this event to apply all of this astrology to I would probably not have warned of such a thing having the potential to happen, it could be said that the potential was there in multiple ways.

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