Shared Past Life


Starting with a brief comparison of astrological charts, and finding the key indicators for the likely experiences of a shared lifetime, a shamanic journey is employed to reveal exact details of time and place in which you and one other person knew each other in the past. You get a full, written report on how you were connected, and what the tenor of your relationship was.

Your Shared Past Life Astro- Journey includes:

  • identification of country and  time period

  • type of relationship and genders

  • detail of how you interacted

  • significant scenes pertinent to current lifetime

  • insights and practical advice

  • possible dialogue and requests

Shared Past Life Astro-Journey

100% personalized for you

Only $100

Schedule full until August 2018

Because this reading starts with a look at each astrological chart and then a search in a combined chart for how your energies have intertwined before. the complete birth data for each person will be required:

  • exact time of birth

  • full date of birth

  • towns where each of you was born

Ethically, you should have agreement of the 2nd person to provide their birth data and have their chart viewed.

If you supply an email address for both of you, an identical report will be sent to you both.

For more on the process and resulting reports of journeying, see my SpiritWrites Journey page.

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