Brief Relocation Reading

If your employer is moving you across country or to a new international home, or if you are just wondering how life might be better for you as an ex-patriot living abroad, this is the reading that will let you know how the stars will favor you in the new location.


​This is a fascinating reading that plots your birth data, and your current birthday year data onto a geographical map of the state or region of the world where you are thinking about moving.

What to Do


Click the PayPal button above, complete the payment and be sure to include your email address in the NOTES section of the payment form.


If you forget to include your email address during the payment process, send me an email right away   If you email, do include your birth data info.


When I receive confirmation of payment I'll email you for your your birth data if you haven't already included that in your separate email, and I'll let you know when I'll be scheduling myself to work on your astro-analysis and report.  I'll also tell you when you can expect to receive it in your email.


Birth data necessary for any astrology reading includes:

  • day, month and year of birth

  • the town where you were born

  • the time you were born, or as close as you can guess


When you send your birth data, please also include the most pressing question you would like insight on from your reading.


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What Can You Gain

from a Relocation Reading?

if your personality will shine in the new location

how the move might impact your home-based business

whether the move will bring more peace and harmony to your marriage

if the stars show possibility for improvements in your health

if you'll more easily access your personal power in the new location

whether it will be a place filled with new friends or deeper spiritual connection

if the outcome of the move would be better if you can wait a year or more

NOTE -- if you've sent me an email with astro-birth data but haven't received
an astrology report, it's most likely because your payment hasn't gone through.

Check your PayPal or credit card account to figure out what the glitch is.