Past Life Reflections

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Crystallomancy is the practice of divining messages by detecting and interpreting the patterns seen in crystals. As a spiritual focusing tool, crystals of various shapes can be used. Their many facets, angles, and striations -- when turned under sunlight -- create an unlimited number of patterns that paint part of the picture of past lives, when asked. As a past life clairvoyant, I can use crystals to pull me into imagery from times long ago to see a scene or chapter of life that the Spirits have determined you are ready to know more about.

Your Past Life Reflections Reading includes:

  • exploration of your choice of historical time period

  • description of who you were then

  • depiction of your skills, daily routine, or lifestyle

  • insight into potential talents carried through

  • possible connection to your soul's eternal themes

This is the most affordable Past Life reading that I do. You'll get 2 pages of description by email or Facebook messenger for

only $44

This reading is currently unavailable. Please check back in April 2019.

Please allow 72 hours for the return of your reading

For this reading I ask you to name two historical time period such as the American Civil War, the Viking era, Norman conquest, Inca empire, Gengis Khan, Biblical times, etc. Only one will be included in this reading, but just in case you didn't have a lifetime in the first, I'll scry for the second.

The reading includes not only description of what I see but also some interpretation of how patterns, images, and other clues have implication for your current life.

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All unfolds as it must but deeper awareness allows

the trajectory of that unfolding to move in the direction of the Light.