RedHawk Readings

RedHawk is a shamanic spirit guide

who assists the WiseWomanSeer

in seeing the higher perspectives on the issues

that are bothering you.


Hawks are well known for their metaphysical skills in being messengers from the spirit world, bringing new visions and sharper spiritual awareness.  

In your reading, RedHawk evaluates your question, issue or dilemma, provides his direct advice, and selects the spiritual tools for the WiseWomanSeer to use in exploring the best answer for you.  Those tools might include tarot cards, runestones, crystal divinations, astrology, the pendulum, among others.


RedHawk Readings are recommended when you know you need to shift your mindset, and need help to see around obstacles, under the surface of energy dynamics, or into the heart of the matter.


These readings are not good for questions such as will I get the job, is my spouse cheating on me, or am I suffering from a specific medical problem.


You will get a full report of the process and the message by email.


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RedHawk Reading

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All unfolds as it must but deeper awareness allows

the trajectory of that unfolding to move in the direction of the Light.