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PlantSpirit Medicine


with Herbal Tarot, Celtic Tree Oracle or Flower Speaks

cards, delivered to you by email only


for the reading and emailed report

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In this reading plantspirit medicine entities are consulted to provide wisdom, insight, and guidance on the MindBodySpirit aspects of your focusing question. One card from each of three different decks -- the Herbal Tarot, Celtic Tree Oracle, and Flower Speaks  cards-- is interpretted as a specific message for you. 


This reading is NOT intended in any way as medical advice in the western allopathic sense, but rather as information addressing psychospiritual malaise that may possibly be affecting your well-being.

What to Do

When ordering this reading, be sure to include your email address in a note to WiseWoman Seer.  I will contact you to let you know your request has been received, and you will get your reading within 24-48  hours.

What Will a 
PlantSpirit Medicine 
Reading Tell You?

​From the these cards you will gain insight into:

  • Which plant remedies might be important for investigation as aligning with the needs of your spirit body at this time

  • What specific qualities of the plant spirits your mind-body-spirit needs in order to address a current deficit in metaphysical balance at this time 

  • Which flower essence remedy would be helpful in balancing this identified deficit

Cards Used in this Reading

The Herbal Tarot

Drawn to reflect the needs of the realm of the Mind, these cards relay astrological correspondences for each of the Major Arcana and suit cards, augmenting the psychospiritual connection of plants to wellness benefits in a very practical sense.  Herbal or flower essence remedies might be suggested to help support various systems or processes affected by disordered or negative thoughts, beliefs, fears, attitudes, and other cognitive distortions.


Celtic Tree Oracle Cards

Developed from the Ogham alphabet, these cards suggest some of the magic and wisdom of the Druids, interpreted particularly to related to the needs of the realm of the well-being of the Body, in relation to your focusing question.  typically used for this reading to clarify another card that needs further perspective.

The Flower Speaks Cards

Not a tarot deck per se, The Flower Speaks cards are rich with the essence of plantspirit medicine.  In this reading, their messages are centered on transformation of the needs of the Spirit realm through aligning with the metaphysical attributes of the plantspirits that present themselves as guides for you at this time.


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