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Past Lives &

Karmic Lessons Reading
with Shamanic Journeys

This reading is very special, as it includes not only the astrology but also several shamanic journeys to your past lives of significance for this lifetime. I usually can see the time period, and some detail about the theme or karmic lesson of that life that was completed or left unfinished. 


What to Do


When you pay for this report be sure to include your email address in the NOTES section of the payment form.


If you forget to include your email address during the payment process, send me an email right away   If you email, do include your birth data info.


When I receive confirmation of payment I'll email you for your your birth data if you haven't already included that in your separate email, and I'll let you know when to expect your report.  Please allow 48-72 hours.


Birth data necessary for any astrology reading includes:

  • day, month and year of birth

  • the town where you were born

  • the time you were born, or as close as you can guess

by email only

Schedule full until  

June 2019

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by email only

Schedule full until June 2019

What Can You Gain
from a Past Life

Karmic Lessons


​Without overwhelming you with astro-babble, you'll get insight on:

  • meaningful but difficult experiences in this lifetime

  • past life source of this life's survival decisions

  • seemingly chronic conflict with family & friends

  • deja vu experiences

  • inexplicable reactions toward people and places

  • repetitive karmic lessons

  • overall soul's growth path as revealed by your astrology

  • the major wound you are meant to heal by your choices in this life

NOTE -- if you've sent me an email with astro-birth data but haven't received
an astrology report, it's most likely because your payment hasn't gone through.

Check your PayPal or credit card account to figure out what the glitch is.

Other People in a Past Life Report


While only your individual astrology is considered for this report, it is possible that past lives with others who are currently in your life may be mentioned.  Typically, only the past life involvement is noted, although reference may be made to the person as they inhabit your life now.


For example, your chart could show that you were a business partner or a spouse in a previous lifetime to the man who is your father in this life. The report would point out some of the dynamics that linger from the previous lifetime that may or may not contribute to interactions or difficulties in the current life.


It is important to understand this information as potentially explaining a piece of your life plan or karma that is being worked out.  It is mostly about you and your soul's growth, rather than about your father's behavior towards you, and so on.

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