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Astro Insights 
Mercury Retrograde 


Your single specific question 
by email

only $27

What Can

You Gain from

a Mercury Retrograde 

Reading by Email?

​Without overwhelming you with astro-babble, you'll get insight on:

  • the life areas impacted

  • potential for heightened conflict

  • how the retrograde will affect your solar & lunar energies

  • other energies likely to be triggered

  • impact on relationships

  • possible changes in work 

  • how moods will be affected

  • what to watch out for during the retrograde

This special retrograde reading does NOT include insights on individual questions.  For that, email me about which reading would be the best for the concerns you have in mind.

What to Do

Find your birth time -- that is absolutely necessary for an accurate reading.  If your birth time is unavailable, use my Birth Time Approximator to narrow down a likely 2 hour window.


When I receive confirmation of payment I'll email you for your birth data. 


Birth data necessary for any astrology reading includes:

  • day, month and year of birth

  • the town where you were born

  • the time you were born, or as close as you can guess

Your single specific question 
by email

only $27

Your details were sent successfully!

NOTE -- if you've sent me an email with astro-birth data but haven't received
an astrology report, it's most likely because your payment hasn't gone through.

Check your PayPal or credit card account to figure out what the glitch is.

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