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Medicine Woman


with cards and Shamanic journeying
delivered to you by email only

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This reading calls forth the feminist and family / community spirits to speak to what is most needed for regaining personal power, reclaiming your voice, or reforming your relational role in society.  The cards provide understanding of underlying emotional dynamics of current situations.  A shamanic journey with automatic writing process augment the message of the cards in order to clearly outline the practical and spiritual actions that would be in your best interest.

What to Do

When ordering this reading, be sure to include your email address in a note to WiseWoman Seer.  I will contact you to let you know your request has been received, and you will get your reading within 24 hours.  The contact form on this site can be used for that purpose.

What Will an 

Medicine Woman 
Reading Tell You?

​From the these cards and the shamanic journeying that I will do for you, you will know:

  • what an empowered, practical and spiritually feminist approach would be for your current situation

  • the medicine woman guidance and wisdom coming through for your highest good

  • specific actions you can take for psychic, energetic, and emotional protection at this time, that may help in any battles or dilemmas you are facing

  • The specific message that the medicine women spirits want you to hear clearly for hope and choice 

Cards Used in this Reading

Daughters of the Moon

Thoroughly grounded in feminist philosophy, these cards tap into the most practical and protection messages and actions that are in your best interest in the situation or time period under consideration.  Strong, graceful, focused, and determined women from around the world in myth and metaphor are represented in the images to help women see that personal empowerment is part of our nature.



Medicine Woman Tarot

Tarot interpretations with these cards are true to universal concepts of spiritual, emotional and communal development of women's lives, while prioritizing the transformative processes that create spiritual connection and wellbeing for all.

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