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a combination of astrology and numerology

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This is a really unique reading.  In the astrology section, you'll discover one factor in your astrological chart that I don't normally include in other readings -- the Vertex. The Vertex indicates the lessons you will be encountering in the current lifetime that will be brought to you or stimulated by other people.

More specifically, the Vertex is a kind of spirit guide who shows up in your astrological chart by the symbol Vx. Depending on the house it occupies and the zodiac sign it "wears", the Vertex will tell you something about the personal growth path that is part of your soul’s contract for this lifetime.


The less spiritual / more psychological interpretation of the Vertex is that it represents what will be expected of you, or a quality you need to bring out in order to be your most whole and authentic self.

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This is a unique combination of astrology, numerology, and tarot, all focused around  the pivotal periods in your life, and the main thing your soul here in this lifetime to accomplish. 


From this report you will learn about :

  • A special astrological point called the Vertex

  • What you are fated to develop

  • How your personality is meant to serve you and others

  • Your highest ambitions and how to manifest them

  • What the stages of life are likely to bring you

  • What is best for making you feel secure

  • The best path for spiritual development for you

  • Your best motivators

  • The power you have within you to bring forward

  • Time period of major life decisions

  • The challenges you are likely to meet



Sorry, specific situational questions can’t be addressed in this report.



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