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How to Cast a Shamanic

Protective Circle

A protective circle is an energy boundary that helps keep negative entities and influences from reaches you.  


A circle can be created on a daily basis, somewhat like a prayer.


They are recommended when doing any kind of meditation, or divination even for yourself.And protective circles are absolutely required when doing any healing or psychic work for others.

This instruction for casting a protective 4 Directions circle (Medicine Wheel) might be just what you have been looking for.  

Meal Chant

A lively, upbeat chant to use as grace before meals, and even during meal preparation to remind you to thank MotherEarth for her bounty.

Blessed Be The Lady Chant - GreyOwl
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Plantspirit Healing Help

Feeling angry, frustrated, upset, or irritable, and not sure why?

Overwhelmed with sadness, grief, or hopelessness?

Been feeling stuck or unable to decide the best steps to your future?

Having trouble keeping boundaries with psychic vampires in your life?


Want really fast, really low cost help?

If you can afford a meal at McDonald's you can afford

a flower essence remedy


Plantspirit Medicine can help with all of these problems and more.

Get my FREE top flower power tips to find out how

the very inexpensive flower essence remedies will help you.


Insomnia Help

As someone who has battled insomnia throughout my life, I have found many ways that work to get to sleep. Between my personal experience and the advice of naturopathic doctors, I can offer a set of 50 sleep aids to you

Meditation Help

Spiritual teachers have emphasized the benefits of meditation for hundreds of years.  Science now confirms the healthful impact of meditation on the body as well as the mind and spirit.


But many people have trouble with getting starting with meditating. In part, this is because we think there are right and wrong ways to do it.  (Not true.)


In part, this is because all our cultural forces collude to made it difficult to focus the mind. (This can be easily overcome.)


And in part, this is because we sometimes have expectations, or self-judgments, or are unfamiliar with and therefore a bit scared by what a meditative state of mind brings to awareness. (You can learn to handle this, I promise.)


Being able to meditate anytime anywhere is a shamanic spiritual staple for connecting with spirit guides, and a powerful skill that can:

  • change your mood

  • calm your nerves

  • open your heart

  • still your mind

  • lead into sleep

  • let you access spirit guides

  • lower your blood pressure

  • tame the stress response

  • encourge intuitive insights

  • erect energetic boundries

  • strengthen self-trust

  • access your higher self

I have time tested tips for learning to meditate that don't rely on getting used to someone else's voice, or following a script into who knows where. These tips don't require special clothing, cushions, bells, belief in deities you've never heard of, or driving to a group satsang.


All you need are my powerful meditation secrets, and you'll be on your way to mastering a style of meditation that you can never lose.

Shamanic Releasing Ritual

In shamanic practice, we turn to the powers of Nature and the Great Mystery, along with our animal spirit guides and guardians for help with the problems of everyday life.  A ritual like this was taught to me by a member of the Objibwe spiritual medicine society, the Midewiwin, and I now pass it along to you.

From time to time I make special offers or run contests for free readings of my choice. The best way for you to know about these opportunities is to follow my Facebook page here:

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