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Fire Signs & Planets

If there is one trait that holds true -- even with shades of difference -- for all the fire signs and planets it is Intuitive Creative Energy.  A​nother was to think of Fire is as Spirit or Will.

​Aries the sign and Mars its planetary ruler are  instinctual risk takers.  Born leaders, Aries / Mars take initiative and take action. They want to get things moving.  When thwarted in their need to be active and in motion, Aries / Mars will be impatient and even passionately angry.  Aries / Mars is one of the primary warrior energies of astrology.  Aries is the most ego-centered expression of Fire in the zodiac, and Mars is the most direct.

Leo the sign and the Sun (called a luminary rather than a planet) its ruler are passionately Self-expressing.  Their playfulness is warm and feels like pure childlike joy. Leos may have the most natural generosity, but also the most sense of personal pride which can come off at times as very conceited or narcissistic.  Leo / Sun is a quintessentially self confident and dignified, but can also be exceptionally opinionated, patronizing and  even melodramatic if it helps to make a point.

Sagittarius the sign and Jupiter its planetary ruler are passionate enthusiasts on an adventurous quest for Truth, and abundance.  They are naturally happy and optimistic spirits,  When feeling trapped or tied down, Sag / Jupiter is spontaneously compelled by a freedom-loving restlessness to pick up and move, sometimes to quite distant places, in search of the new philosophies, ideas, experiences and exotic cultures.


Chiron  -- as the most recently accepted of the astrological entities by most modern astrologers -- is commonly called a planetoid or minor planet.  There is not yet universal agreement about all of its properties, interpretations, or rulerships, and no elemental energy has yet been assigned. Due to Chiron's transformational traits, I'm listing it currently with the Fire planets.  Many consider Chiron the ruler of Virgo instead of Gemini.  This makes sense, too, given that both Virgo and Chiron are concerned with the realm of healing, but it also is confusing because Virgo is an established Earth sign, not Fire.

Specifically, Chiron indicates suffering and woundedness, particularly early or even past life wounds.  Its placement in a chart show where and how those wounds can be healed.  Chiron is also a sign for shamanic healers and initiation -- which does connect it more closely with the realm of spiritual healing and psychotherapists in dealing with the wounds of the soul and spirit more than those of the body.  


To have your chart cast you will need to provide your birth date, birth location, and birth time.  If you don't know your birth time and family can't estimate it, I have a process for approximating it.

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