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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do Vedic and Chinese Astrology? 


​Vedic, Chinese and Western astrology are the three main systems of astrological interpretation used around the world today. Each is quite distinct from the other and influenced by the science and cultural contexts of the regions from which they arise.  


Western astrology -- that is, that which evolved from Babylonian and Egyptian cosmology into what we recognize today as primary based on Greco-Roman development and refinements  -- is what I have learned and resonate with.  


While many astrologers use the Vedic system -- that which is derived from the ancient sciences of life from India -- and some use the Chinese system, I have not studied those approaches.

Aren't Tarot and Astrology Unbiblical?


​The Jewish and Christian books of scripture had been written and compiled more than 1000 years before the creation of tarot cards.  So there is nothing in those books that are against tarot.


As far as astrology is concerned, historical records support the idea referenced in Matthew 2:1 that the famous Magi, or 3 Kings immortalized in song, were themselves astrologers.  


So no, neither tarot nor astrology are prohibited by these scriptures. As with most things, the Bible can be used to approve or disapprove of anything favored or disfavored by the user.​

What do you mean by SpiritWork?

All​ forms of psychic or intuitional gifts -- not counting scam artists of course -- are ways of opening oneself to Spirit.  I consider it the work of Spirit to use these means to help us through difficult times, to give us support and direction, provide solace and insight, and help us gain understanding and awareness about our life path and soul development.  When I am engaged in these activities, I am doing SpiritWork.

What is this Source You Connect With?

Source is the creative, life sustaining energy of the Universe.  It is known to all cultures and religions by different names -- you might call it God or Vishnu or YHWH or Grandfather Sun, although these may not be exactly equivalent due to variances in cultural beliefs.  Using the term Source is meant to transcend associations with any defined religion while conveying a reverence for that which is most Sacred.

Do You Worry about Malevolent Spirits? 

I respect the unseen world and the possibility that there might be entities that cause harm or mischief, sometimes called spirits of the Dark.  I believe there are also guardian spirits who act to protect those who call on them, usually called spirits of the Light.  When I give readings they are done in a physical and spiritual atmosphere surrounded and protected by spirits of the Light. 

Frankly, I worry more about malicious ignorant humans.   



Do You Contact My Own Spirit Guides?


I can connect with and channel messages from shamanic animal spirit guides who volunteer to assist you with problems and projects if you have not yet established relationships with your guardians of the 7 directions.  But because I am not a psychic medium, clients' deceased loved ones and their other spirit allies such as angels, or humanoid guides don't communicate through me. I usually work only with my own spirit guides and not with those of the client.

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