Essentials Ebook

Are you a solopreneur struggling to make a living

in one of the spiritual services?

Does marketing mystify you?


The Essentials of Marketing

for the Spiritual Service Business Owner


provides everything you need to know to

turn your business around or get it off the ground.


This purchase include a scheduled, private, 30 minute

tele-consult with the author!



payable here or email me
and I'll invoice you


If you file a tax return for your business,

this purchase is likely tax deductible in the category

of either professional services or office supplies (books)

Allow time for personalized email delivery

The Essentials Table of Contents

37 pages grounded in 25 years of private practice experience

  • Balancing Spirit Guidance and Business Basics

  • Hobby or Business?

  • Spirit-Driven Mission and Vision Statements

  • Clarifying Your Business Persona

  • Visualizing Your Ideal Client

  • Divining Your Business Name

  • Consulting Spirit Guides on Business Decisions

  • The Spirit Energy of Websites

  • Business Tithing: Giving-Away Products

  • Being in the Flow of Spirit

  • Glossary of Marketing Terms

  • Links to Other Resources

Wyrd Reading

Wondering if there are spirit entities guiding

or sabotaging your business?


A WildWolf Wyrd Reading

will provide the channeled input of this

amazing shamanic spirit guide

and help you understand the spirit level of

what you need to make wise decisions.


Available today for $25

Sent by email so you'll have

a written record to refer to.


Note -- Wild Wolf does NOT answer questions such as what do you see unfolding for me

in the coming year, or will I get the job,

will my career give me wealth, or

is my husband faithful to me.

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All unfolds as it must but deeper awareness allows

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