Earth Signs & Planets

​PRAGMATISM is a good keyword for the Earth signs and planets which are all about putting form and structure to chaos in the physical world.  Being Earthy also means being sensual -- using your 5 senses to understand your experience, focusing on the physical needs of the body, and organizing your material world in secure manner.

Taurus the sign and Venus its planetary ruler are the most concerned with physical possessions and the sensual delights of the body.  Taurus is especially loyal and reliable, and focused on keeping material goods in effective operating order, but can become intractably stubborn when stressed.  Venus is highly sensual, and creates security through physical intimacy and beauty. Together they gain great pragmatic pleasure from the good looking / good tasting / good feeling luxuries of life.

Virgo the sign and Mercury its planetary ruler have a lighter touch than Taurus/Venus, and are more about perfecting and making the practical world efficient and of pragmatic service.  The Virgo / Mercury combination is an analytical intellectual and might be said to be the engineer of the zodiac in its ability to figure out best solutions for practical use -- down to the smallest detail.  When stressed Virgo / Mercury tends toward worry, anxiety, and workaholism that borders on obsessive compulsive disorder. But at heart, Virgo / Mercury just wants to get things factually correct and materially as perfect as humanly possible as the way to render the most service.

Capricorn the sign and Saturn its planetary ruler are interested in consolidating and conserving, holding boundaries and using personal discipline to wield authority.  Often considered the dour, sour, pessimistic control freak of the zodiac, the Cap/Sat duo prefers to think of it as simply being realistic, cautious and using wisdom born of experience with organizing long term strategies for the attainment of its lofty goals. Cap / Sat believes in nothing more than paying ones dues, putting in hard pragmatic work, and patiently moving forward with determination even when others have given up.

To have your chart cast you will need to provide your birth date, birth location, and birth time.  If you don't know your birth time and family can't estimate it, I have a process for approximating it.