MotherEarth Divination with Crystals

Under strong sunlight, a crystal is examined from every angle while concentrating on your on question area of focus, until a message is pressed into consciousness. For the crystal divination reading, I'll be using one of the following:

* a rose quartz piece
* a clear quartz piece, as shown here
* a clear quartz ball

Your Crystallomancy Reading includes:

  • description of the crystal's metaphysical properties

  • shapes seen in crystal

  • message from the crystal to the recipient 

  • how shapes relate to spiritual message conveyed

This is the most affordable divination reading that I do. You'll get 1-2 pages of description by email or Facebook messenger for

only $22

This reading is currently unavailable. Please check back in April 2019.

Please allow 72 hours for receiving your reading

Crystallomancy is one of the skills I learned in my shamanic practitioner training. In a sense, it is somewhat like reading tarot cards -- I look for the images within the structure of the crystal  that are formed by light and shadows, lines and depths. 


Then I listen to the message that these images press into my consciousness in response to the question posed by you.

Finally, I write up what I see and what it means for you. You get the result by email or via Facebook messenger.


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