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The Dark Moon  period marks the end of a lunar cycle. It’s purpose is to allow the quiet, solitary, deep  introspection of all that has occurred in the cycle that is concluding. It is the time for absorbing the growth and learning, and fully integrating the lessons into our souls.

We are always so busy in modern life. Most of us rarely meditate fully. Few relish the time alone needed for soul and spirit to ground, reflect, and prepare for another round of life. This contributes to the prevalent feeling of missing something, and even to that...

Many of us grew up with the tales of Patrick the Irish hero-saint who drove the snakes from Ireland, who is celebrated every March 17th with green beer and shamrocks. Problem is, nothing about that myth is literally true.

Patrick was not his original name, it was Maewyn Succat. He wasn't Irish, but a Briton born in a Roman town, now believed to be in the Cumbria England region. There is no scientific evidence that slithering reptiles have ever inhabited Ireland. And to top it off, he was never actually officially canonized by the Vatican. C...

It's possible that having my Capricorn Sun and Aquarius Mercury in the 3rd house of learning draws me to the dispassionate communication of ideas, which is also known as the study of philosophy. And perhaps it is my Neptune in the 12th house of spiritual conscious that attracts me to the philosophers of enlightenment, such as Immanuel Kant (1724-1804).

Kant was a German philosopher who, put simply, argued that one's personal experience of some things is much more real (and therefore more valuable and true) than the acceptance of t...

Is your life controlled by a deep dark secret? Does the fear of being found out terrorize you?

​Has an event or person from your past convinced you that ​there's something so​​ wrong with you that you'll never be normal?

This is what it's like to wrestle with shame-fear.  

Many of us who are instinctively on a shamanic path have experienced this.

Shame and Guilt:
What's the Difference?

People often confuse shame and guilt.  Although they may have some similarities, they are not the same emotion.

​​Guilt is a sickening feeling about something yo...

Tomorrow, 19 October 2017 at 11 minutes past noon on the Pacific Coast, the Moon officially meets the Sun at 26 degrees of Libra, and we'll call it the New Moon. Technically, though, we don't see any new moon when these astro-conjunctions occur because the Sun blocks our view of it. So in reality this period, and the days or hours before and after when the Moon is not visible are called the Dark Moon.

Some modern calendars name the date of the New Moon as the time when the first sliver of the waxing crescent comes into view -- usually as much as...

A high tide of fear mongering and stupidity is sweeping across the US lately, fueled by legislators intent on exhibiting their mean-spirited ignorance in attempts to gain power at the expense of a marginalized minority -- transgender individuals.

It's perfect timing. To get swept up in this tide requires:

  • anxiety about personal safety in a globally dangerous world

  • a sense of powerlessness combined with defensiveness

  • an erosion of critical thinking and disregard for facts

  • susceptibility to the brainwashing of political lies

  • ...

Most who walk a spiritual path like to rise above ego and avoid being judgmental. So we try to be understanding. We make excuses. We exercise patience. And if that fails, we seek to employ forgiveness.  The spirituality of compassion seems to require this passive response.

But does it really?

Sometimes by striving for compassion, or to not hurt feelings, or to not make waves, we end up allowing unacceptable behavior to go on for too long. When that happens, in a strange way we have become collaborators with the undesirable behavior.

The spiritual...

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of the spiritual warrior, and what that means in the context of feminist consciousness raising and a continuing evolution in spiritual awakening. 

There are a variety of philosophies on this topic.  Some preach that the spiritual warrior’s battle is to convert or condemn all who fail to agree with them. This belief breeds zealots who lose their humanity as they sink into fear and hate, while forgetting the divine path of love, support, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, and peace.

Others say that...

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