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First of the Earth signs, steady, reliable, sensual Taurus is defined by her determination to carry out her commitments. Her loyalty once given is typically unwavering, her patience seemingly unending. The Taurus person could well be the reason for the phrase, the salt of the Earth due to an admirable devotion to routines.

Often quiet in outward affect, Taurus nonetheless revels in creature comforts. Her pleasures are usually the simple ones that make her feel good in body and soul. Good food, good company, satisfying conversation, small self-in...

Leo is the second of the three Fire signs, and the one who cares most about making a favorable impression on others. When well balanced, this focus is exerted in being magnanimous and charming, two traits that soften what can be a commanding approach to the world. Because the typical Leo true self has a solid foundation of self-confidence, there is a good-natured affect that shines with grace, warmth, and trust in most interactions. 

Leos usually feel quite at home at center stage. They like holding the attention of an a...

I've been thinking a lot lately about how it is that I seem to show many more Aquarian, Scorpion, and Leonine traits than might be expected for one whose Sun is in Capricorn. If the Sun sign was all that important -- as those super short newspaper horoscopes try to have us believe -- most people would be unlikely to guess my Sun sign. I'm not all that ambitious, rarely accused of being conservative, and self-control is definitely lacking when it comes to certain non-nutritious food groups.

Capricorns are supposed to either be / seek to be author...

An astronomic event that can have real influence on human minds and bodies are solar flares. Not everyone notices these signs and symptoms, and if you do experience some, you probably won't experience them all.

And these difficulties and increases are usually quite short lived and not more than a day or two at most, but typically quite brief, passing in minutes or hours. 

Nonetheless, as humanity in general becomes more energetically aware, it's possible to correlate these coronal mass ejections to the most notable signs and symptoms liste...

I don't know if any other astrologer would see a New Moon in the serious, authoritarian, work hard sign of Capricorn as hopeful, but that's how it's feeling to me.  As the first New Moon of 2018, the strong Earth energy of Cap settles and calms the excitements and uncertainties of being in a new year.

But it is the lunar phase for releasing all of the emotional baggage dragged in from 2017 -- including resentments, disappointments, frustrations, guilts, shames, angers, and other grudges we accumulated towards others and ourselves in the past 12...

The first full moon of this new year will be one of the most powerful we've encountered recently. Forget all the usual lunacy about enhancing heart-centeredness, and loving intentions. This moon will be bringing out the dark side of the Crab with an intensity that we don't usually expect from nurturing Cancerian energy. 

This Cancer Full Moon is likely to activate negativity, moodiness, self-centeredness, over-reactivity, and even the slice and dice hyper-judgmentalism that the Crab personality is known for when crossed. And crossed this Sun/...

Happy Winter Solstice to all in the Northern Hemisphere (and Summer Solstice to our friends in the Southern). In the very wee hours of the night here in the Pacific time zone we slipped into the month of Capricorn, and thus turning the wheel of the year. 

What does that mean -- turning the wheel?  Well, Winter Solstice is considered one of the sacred 4 Quarter Days that make up the natural calendar. The others are Summer Solstice of course, and the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. Each time one of these days occurs, the calendar turns another seas...

With the Sun in Sagittarius, we are brought into the last Fire month for the year, simultaneously promoting a restless urge to be in motion, if not actually traveling, and a desire for acquiring new knowledge and revealing truths.

Sagittarian energy generally supports an enthusiastic optimism, accompanied by a taking of pleasure in random acts of generosity. Of course, not everyone will be fully impacted by these good-natured traits of Sag energy, as how strongly it affects you depends on where Sag falls in your personal chart and what it activa...

Pictured above is a symbolic image representing a constellation that astronomers have named Orphiuchus, which has stirred up both controversy and confusion for skeptics and believers in astrology. So first, let me say that even though it was ASTROLOGERS who invented the science of astronomy in ancient times, the two disciplines today are not always mirrors of each other. Let's try to explain.

Back when humans believed that the Sun rotated around the Earth, astrologers noticed a band, or swath, of stars through which the Sun appeared to move. In...

 This morning the big fire planet Jupiter left its year long occupation of intense Scorpio to spend the next year+ in relationship focused Libra. As much as Jupiter is astrologically considered a positive energy of enthusiastic good fortune, it must always be remembered that Jupiter expands, even exaggerates, whatever it touches -- including the bad stuff. So when this planet is playing in the universe of relationships, we can expect the good ones to get better, but also for the bad ones to get worse.

Jupiter's tendency is to highlight...

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