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As I write this, we're officially in Autumnal Equinox (Mabon) season -- the actual day being Sept. 22. I thought I'd post this now because in the face of natural disasters and other difficulties so many of us are now facing, it's good to be reminded that Nature does in its own way move towards balance, and we can too.

Mabon is a recent (20th century) neo-pagan name given by Aidan Kelly, American founder of the New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn, to the seasonal holy day of the Autumnal Equinox. The name has stuck for many followers o...

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the cross quarter holyday of Lammas is to do a special tarot reading. (Another is to read the excellent novel Lammas Night by Katherine Kurtz, available for Kindle but may be out of print otherwise. More on this below).

But before outlining a Lammas tarot spread for you, a bit of background on this holiday may be useful.

Lammas in Brief

Modern Pagans often use August 1st or 2nd as a date of convenience for Lammas.  I prefer the more exact Litha / Equinox midpoint date of when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Leo....

For many Pagans, Samhain is the most sacred time of year. Whether celebrated on a single night, commonly Oct 31, or acknowledged to last until 24 hours after the Sun reaches the 15th degree of Scorpio -- which this year is at 9:38 pm Pacific time Monday Nov 6th --  Samhain is considered the time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, and when communicating with the dead is easiest.

In fact, those who have the gifts of psychic mediums may find this season to be replete with contacts from the deceased. If you are new to your psy...

Who are The Ancestors, and how to honor them in ritual is explored in this blog post.

A line from a TV show long past keeps echoing in my mind today -- The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight. Indeed. Last night. This month. This year. Too crowded is the world beyond, whatever metaphor your belief system employs. And we risk becoming numb, perhaps as an autonomic emotional reflex mechanism. In our consciousness are the cries that caring souls feel and it's important for the collective healing of the world's pain to have a healthy way to cope first before finding solutions and taking action.

Now, angels don't re...

I have a chant painted over the door to my kitchen:  Blessed be the Lady who provides us with our food. The rest of the chant is, We are grateful, we are grateful today.  The Lady referenced is MotherEarth.

Unlike today’s harried trips to big box stores where we play dodge ‘em with others’ shopping carts, and swear at the difficulty in finding gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO foods, my ancestors hunted and gathered in a sacred manner.

What does that mean, in a sacred manner? It means having respect and reverence for the life force of the foods you...

Recently I’ve seen a lot of public pleas to the Universe to provide material goodies as well as individually desired outcomes for a variety of human problems. Among these pleaders there seems to be the idea that channeling requests through social media and thereby gathering a critical mass of support makes one’s voice to the spirit world louder, and positions them for faster or guaranteed positive response.

Certainly prayer circles have long used such a method to increase the worthiness of requests to the gods to intervene and grant divine favor...

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