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I've been thinking a lot lately about how it is that I seem to show many more Aquarian, Scorpion, and Leonine traits than might be expected for one whose Sun is in Capricorn. If the Sun sign was all that important -- as those super short newspaper horoscopes try to have us believe -- most people would be unlikely to guess my Sun sign. I'm not all that ambitious, rarely accused of being conservative, and self-control is definitely lacking when it comes to certain non-nutritious food groups.

Capricorns are supposed to either be / seek to be author...

For many of us, Mercury Retrograde is an event that occurs 3 or 4 times a year. Sometimes it wrecks havoc with scheduling, commuter travel, minor accidents, electronics, and communicating what we mean. And then it's done and life gets back to normal.

And by the way, the next Mercury Retrograde is approaching, starting on July 26. This time the passage with all be in Leo. In general, this could be a period when some should expect frustration with creative pursuits, increased arguments and conflicts, and possible minor accidents.

But some of us, ab...

Technically, today  -- 11 July 2018  -- we are under the Dark Moon, a time when no visible lunar light is being reflected. This is a period that can last from 1.5 to as much as 3.5 nights, depending on where the Moon is in its orbit around the earth. It is the interval between the slightest waning crescent and the barely seen waxing crescent of the lunar silhouette.

Astrologically there may be no specific position of the Moon in relation to the Sun that is agreed by most astrologers to be the Dark Moon degrees. I use an orb of about 10...

How many phenomena can be hung on Earth's little satellite at once? It's sort of like overloading a pizza with too many ingredients -- the results can come out half baked.  Let's review what is getting piled on, and see if we can make some astrological (versus astronomical and mythological) sense of it. 

On Wednesday, Jan 31 at about 5:27 am Pacific time the Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon will both be at 11 degrees 37 minutes of their respective signs. This is what makes for the astrological Full Moon -- both Sun and Moon are at the same degree...

I don't know if any other astrologer would see a New Moon in the serious, authoritarian, work hard sign of Capricorn as hopeful, but that's how it's feeling to me.  As the first New Moon of 2018, the strong Earth energy of Cap settles and calms the excitements and uncertainties of being in a new year.

But it is the lunar phase for releasing all of the emotional baggage dragged in from 2017 -- including resentments, disappointments, frustrations, guilts, shames, angers, and other grudges we accumulated towards others and ourselves in the past 12...

The planet Uranus comes out of retrograde on Tues, Jan 2, and is likely to bring with it a lot of breakthrough energies.

This is the first time in a long while that none of the planets are in retrograde. Everything is moving forward at full force. With Uranus joining the pack, some of us will feel restless or pushed towards rebellion, even if the destination or cause is unclear.

Whenever Uranus is involved, expect the unexpected. This planet is famous for its surprises, innovative insights, flashes of inspiration, and even flare ups of rebellion...

This Friday, Nov 3, 2017 at 10:21 pm Pacific Time, the Moon in Taurus will be exactly opposing the Sun in Scorpio. Given that the Moon and Scorpio are both exceptionally receptive to psychic influences, if in different ways, this Full Moon will naturally heighten that condition.  Sitting at a midpoint between the conventional and astrological dates for Samhain, it can be an excellent time to carefully conjure some spiritual allies from the unseen world.

It's wonderful time for parties or hosting intimate romantic trysts, going all out to im...

Tomorrow, 19 October 2017 at 11 minutes past noon on the Pacific Coast, the Moon officially meets the Sun at 26 degrees of Libra, and we'll call it the New Moon. Technically, though, we don't see any new moon when these astro-conjunctions occur because the Sun blocks our view of it. So in reality this period, and the days or hours before and after when the Moon is not visible are called the Dark Moon.

Some modern calendars name the date of the New Moon as the time when the first sliver of the waxing crescent comes into view -- usually as much as...

Here we are again, Mercury Retrograde is upon us, officially starting this afternoon at about 5:15 pm Pacific time and at 11 degrees of Virgo. This wily astro energy will take us back to 28 degrees Leo before turning direct on Sept 5. Those of you who have any planets, asteroids, or house cusps in this 11 Virgo to 28 Leo range in your personal birth charts, or aspects to those degrees will likely feel the brunt of Mercury's wacky magic.

If worry is your go-to emotion when confronted with, well, anything out of your usual routine, you could find...

The first full moon of this new year will be one of the most powerful we've encountered recently. Forget all the usual lunacy about enhancing heart-centeredness, and loving intentions. This moon will be bringing out the dark side of the Crab with an intensity that we don't usually expect from nurturing Cancerian energy. 

This Cancer Full Moon is likely to activate negativity, moodiness, self-centeredness, over-reactivity, and even the slice and dice hyper-judgmentalism that the Crab personality is known for when crossed. And crossed this Sun/...

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