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For many of us, Mercury Retrograde is an event that occurs 3 or 4 times a year. Sometimes it wrecks havoc with scheduling, commuter travel, minor accidents, electronics, and communicating what we mean. And then it's done and life gets back to normal.

And by the way, the next Mercury Retrograde is approaching, starting on July 26. This time the passage with all be in Leo. In general, this could be a period when some should expect frustration with creative pursuits, increased arguments and conflicts, and possible minor accidents.

But some of us, ab...

This is a question I have pondered since realizing I am a past life clairvoyant. The question becomes even bigger when delving into genealogy. 

Typically when we hear stories of people spontaneously remembering their past lives, the ethnicity or countries involved, languages, genders, and other factors seem to point to a kind of reincarnational globe-hopping. That is, all plausible argument that we inhabit different bloodlines.

But then there is other research into several stories in which a young boy seems to be a reincarnation of his...

Karma, as a spiritual concept derived from ancient Hindu, is often misunderstood and distorted by the new age community and others in the West.  So let's begin by first debunking what karma is not. 

It is not punishment per se, although it is the logical consequence that follows from thoughts and deeds. It is not necessarily negative, although it can be harsh and seemingly undeserved if the causal action or hurtful speech occurred so long ago, or even in a past life, that the conscious mind has forgotten the seed that became the bitter fru...

For the last several years I have offered a unique kind of shamanic journey in which I can travel in search of past lives on behalf of clients. I've seen many nuns, priests, nobles and doctors from Renaissance Europe, pioneers and sailors on adventures, immigrant orphans and greenwitches making their way in unfriendly communities, and more. I have rarely known in advance where Spirit will take me, or to what time period I'll go.

Now, a new twist has opened up for me with this gift -- being able to request a visit to a specifically tribal lifetim...

Circulating around new age circles for several years is the idea of pre-birth planning.  This isn’t what your mom and her OB or midwife do at prenatal appointments.  It’s what your soul does between each lifetime to outline the myriad of potential challenges and opportunities you will agree to encounter in order to further your soul’s growth and complete your karmic lessons.

Now, after studying this concept for a while, and finding that soul plans are revealed by astrology, I’ve come to the understanding that we all have two levels of soul...

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