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From time to time I teach an introductory course in reading the Tarot. Students often ask which tarot deck they should buy, and this is my answer -- buy the one that speaks to you.  There are hundreds of decks to choose from, some traditional, some not, but you will know which one is right for you to start with by how you resonate with the imagery. Some styles of artwork will leave you cold. Other styles will draw you in. Still others might completely turn you off. 

Depicted above is the first card in 6 different decks. Only one of of these...

For many Pagans, Samhain is the most sacred time of year. Whether celebrated on a single night, commonly Oct 31, or acknowledged to last until 24 hours after the Sun reaches the 15th degree of Scorpio -- which this year is at 9:38 pm Pacific time Monday Nov 6th --  Samhain is considered the time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, and when communicating with the dead is easiest.

In fact, those who have the gifts of psychic mediums may find this season to be replete with contacts from the deceased. If you are new to your psy...

So many of us are feeling unsettled lately. Realities and arrangements as we have known them seem to be unraveling. These are times in which it is so comforting to have spiritual tools like oracle or tarot cards to provide perspective and insight

The image came to me today of knitting, and how it almost always happens at some point that we undo the rows we have done in order to start a different pattern. Amazingly, when I drew an oracle card, it depicted the idea that our fates are predetermined, woven for us in the spirit world.

That thought cor...

With the exception of a few Christmas carols, my education about angels was really lacking. Archangels weren’t even mentioned, and saints were uncomfortably avoided. This apparently was due to my protestant parents thinking that it was all too catholic to factor in to their belief system.

In my shamanic training it has been impressed upon me that the lineage of one’s knowledge is an important thing to understand. This idea itself may come from the traditions of many indigenous cultures that are organized by material clan associations, and the et...

Today's anonymous one card draw reading comes from the Celtic Tree Oracle cards. The card that presented itself today is the Ohn / Furze, which is actually more of a shrub with golden yellow flowers.

The Furze sets itself apart enough from the crowd to have an unshaded climate in which to draw nourishment from the Sun, and as such it comes to one today who needs to break out from under someone else's influence, and develop more independence. Furze says you need not go too far away -- physically, or emotionally, but that thinking for yourself i...

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