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This Friday, Nov 3, 2017 at 10:21 pm Pacific Time, the Moon in Taurus will be exactly opposing the Sun in Scorpio. Given that the Moon and Scorpio are both exceptionally receptive to psychic influences, if in different ways, this Full Moon will naturally heighten that condition.  Sitting at a midpoint between the conventional and astrological dates for Samhain, it can be an excellent time to carefully conjure some spiritual allies from the unseen world.

It's wonderful time for parties or hosting intimate romantic trysts, going all out to im...

I don't do a lot of work with fixed stars, unless someone specially asks for a Celtic Lunar Astrology reading.  And neither Pegasus nor Scheat are used in my resource book for that reading.

But this time this fixed star is just too powerful to ignore.

That's because the solar eclipse on 20 March 2015 falls astrologically on the 29th degree of Pisces where fixed star Scheat hangs in the sky, in the Pegasus constellation.

Whenever a solar eclipse occurs, it is astrologically powerful, usually leaving a impact for months to come. That this one also o...

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All unfolds as it must but deeper awareness allows

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