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An astronomic event that can have real influence on human minds and bodies are solar flares. Not everyone notices these signs and symptoms, and if you do experience some, you probably won't experience them all.

And these difficulties and increases are usually quite short lived and not more than a day or two at most, but typically quite brief, passing in minutes or hours. 

Nonetheless, as humanity in general becomes more energetically aware, it's possible to correlate these coronal mass ejections to the most notable signs and symptoms liste...

Karma, as a spiritual concept derived from ancient Hindu, is often misunderstood and distorted by the new age community and others in the West.  So let's begin by first debunking what karma is not. 

It is not punishment per se, although it is the logical consequence that follows from thoughts and deeds. It is not necessarily negative, although it can be harsh and seemingly undeserved if the causal action or hurtful speech occurred so long ago, or even in a past life, that the conscious mind has forgotten the seed that became the bitter fru...

In the aftermath of the distressing shock of the presidential election results, many good-hearted people have been struggling to sort out our responses. We have fears and anxieties about how we and those we care about will be impacted.  We anguish about what cherished policies and permissions could be on the precipice of destruction. Our minds flow into catastrophe thinking, with good reason.

I've noticed several types of responses that I can now observe as coming from different categories I'd call energy holding patterns.

We all hold e...

From time to time students ask me about esoteric astrology, and the term solar rays. This post intends to clarify some confusions and trace the evolution of this concept.

At the outset let me acknowledge that the idea of solar rays doesn't play a role in my practice as an astrologer. This is because the concept of solar rays comes out of Vedic spirituality at its deepest roots, and the work of Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and the Theosophical Society and its descendants more recently.  I don't have anything against these origins.  My shamanic...

In my work as an astrologer, past life seer, and tarot reader, I am often asked by clients to tell them what kind of healer they are destined to be.  It seems that in readings from others, these clients have been told that they are on a path to being a healer, but the details about exactly what that will look like have been elusive.

I love looking into this kind of question.  There are so many ways to be a healer, and I’ve been fortunate to work with many in the complementary and alternative medicine fields. Perhaps not everyone thinks that bein...

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