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Two astrological events are occuring this week -- Saturn is ending the retrograde it's been in since late April, and the New Moon in Virgo is in opposition to Neptune.  In addition Chiron is two months into its retrograde and has just moved from Aries back into Pisces. As a psychological astrologer, my first interpretation of these events is always concerning the individual, but the striking macro-level impacts just can't be missed.

The Dark Moon  period marks the end of a lunar cycle. It’s purpose is to allow the quiet, solitary, deep  introspection of all that has occurred in the cycle that is concluding. It is the time for absorbing the growth and learning, and fully integrating the lessons into our souls.

We are always so busy in modern life. Most of us rarely meditate fully. Few relish the time alone needed for soul and spirit to ground, reflect, and prepare for another round of life. This contributes to the prevalent feeling of missing something, and even to that...

The last four important sacred days of the year for Pagans and others who follow the natural calendar are Lammas, Mabon (autumnal equinox), Samhain, and Winter Solstice (aka Yule). These days, also called sabbats, correspond with various solar and agricultural points in the year that were of primary important to our ancestors. Sabbat is a word that, similar to the word sabbath, indicates a day for ritual and celebration.

Because the usual Pagan dates vary from the astrological dates, I tend to call the period that encompasses both as the respect...

Technically, today  -- 11 July 2018  -- we are under the Dark Moon, a time when no visible lunar light is being reflected. This is a period that can last from 1.5 to as much as 3.5 nights, depending on where the Moon is in its orbit around the earth. It is the interval between the slightest waning crescent and the barely seen waxing crescent of the lunar silhouette.

Astrologically there may be no specific position of the Moon in relation to the Sun that is agreed by most astrologers to be the Dark Moon degrees. I use an orb of about 10...

Well, it's been more than a month since I've blogged -- my apologies. With both Saturn and Pluto in retrograde right now, I'm feeling fairly drained of energy. Maybe you are too?

Another way to put it is that both these planets tend to demand the kind of internal examination and changes in one's approach to daily life that are effortful.

With Saturn, our personal limits push back against our ambitions and plans. Others challenge our boundaries in ways that make us feel like we are constantly renegotiating and getting damn tired of it.

If this wer...

Tomorrow, March 31, at about 5:36 am Pacific time, we will have the 2nd Blue Moon of 2018, an infrequent though not especially rare occurrence. So called blue moons happen when there is a second Full Moon in the same calendar month. We also had a blue moon in January, and no Full Moon at all in February. Weird, huh?

This Full Moon occurs in Libra, the sign of diplomacy, law, and relationships. Full Moons, as you may know, are characterized not just by their complete illumination, but also by being in 180 degree opposition to the position of the...

As we are about done with the year of the Rooster, it's time for a little insight into the Chinese Year of the Dog.  To refine the picture, we must add that this is a male or Yang year, as well as an Earth element or Mountain year, which is associated with the color brown. Hence year of the Brown Yang Mountain Dog.

The Chinese New Year is typically marked by the New Moon following what in the West we call Imbolc. This year that falls on Feb 15 at 1:04 pm Pacific Time.

Because Chinese years go in multiples of 12, you were born in the year of the D...

The short answer to the headline’s question is yes, perhaps. As with any type of astrology, prediction is always a much less certain endeavor than is explanation. And when talking about the world of stocks and bonds and publicly traded companies especially, prediction and explanation take a real depth of knowledge and experience in both realms, which is why financial astrology is a highly specialized art and science.

In no way am I a financial astrologer. Please don’t ask me to tell you anything about your chances in the stock market – chance is...

How many phenomena can be hung on Earth's little satellite at once? It's sort of like overloading a pizza with too many ingredients -- the results can come out half baked.  Let's review what is getting piled on, and see if we can make some astrological (versus astronomical and mythological) sense of it. 

On Wednesday, Jan 31 at about 5:27 am Pacific time the Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon will both be at 11 degrees 37 minutes of their respective signs. This is what makes for the astrological Full Moon -- both Sun and Moon are at the same degree...

Many are asking what we should be learning from the recent difficult times brought to so many by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the earthquake in Mexico, and the terrible fires burning up the forests of the North American west.  And it's not just this continent that is experiencing natural and man-made disasters right now. Similar troubles are occurring around the globe.

The photo above was taken near Missoula, Montana, but fires have been raging also in Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia, Greenland, and Siberia. 

Floods or monsoons (an...

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