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Tomorrow, March 31, at about 5:36 am Pacific time, we will have the 2nd Blue Moon of 2018, an infrequent though not especially rare occurrence. So called blue moons happen when there is a second Full Moon in the same calendar month. We also had a blue moon in January, and no Full Moon at all in February. Weird, huh?

This Full Moon occurs in Libra, the sign of diplomacy, law, and relationships. Full Moons, as you may know, are characterized not just by their complete illumination, but also by being in 180 degree opposition to the position of the...

The first full moon of this new year will be one of the most powerful we've encountered recently. Forget all the usual lunacy about enhancing heart-centeredness, and loving intentions. This moon will be bringing out the dark side of the Crab with an intensity that we don't usually expect from nurturing Cancerian energy. 

This Cancer Full Moon is likely to activate negativity, moodiness, self-centeredness, over-reactivity, and even the slice and dice hyper-judgmentalism that the Crab personality is known for when crossed. And crossed this Sun/...

Despite many people calling next week's Solstice, the start of summer, when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer on Monday, June 20, 2016, those of us who follow the natural calendar will be celebrating Midsummer.  But perhaps two other astrological factors will be more important  -- the aspect patterns of the Grand Cross and especially the Yod.

The Grand Cross

You can easily see the Grand Cross, or big square, in the middle of the chart above. A Grand Cross is formed when four entities are all sitting at about 90 degrees, or square, to ea...

Two major forces for change  -- Pluto and Uranus -- are currently working at cross purposes to each other, creating strong impetus to rebel against convention and eliminate all that does not serve your soul’s life.

For some, this astrological square may be felt as change or die energy.

Without knowing what this astro-energy is all about, it can feel like a scary and overwhelming time.

But this can be a tremendous time of growth, creative risk-taking, and forward movement – IF you don’t resist the push to make necessary changes. Resistance is indee...

On an uncrowded basic chart, today looks like ho-hum, nuthin' happenin' kind of day. But add in the Nodes of the Moon, and the asteroids I use in my readings, and we've got ourselves a very karmic day.

First the Sun in Cancer is in a tense T-Square with the Nodes of the Moon, pressuring a balancing between past lives and future evolution of the soul.  In other words, the True Self (Sun) is eager to incorporate the lessons lived before into a wisdom for helping us move forward on the quest for balancing the needs of the ego self and the requireme...

This could be an explosive 4th of July -- what with the probability of solar flares today, and the Sun / Pluto opposition.  Be extra kind to friends, family and lovers, watch out for heated arguments over values and money, and be careful that "friendly competitions" don't get develop into long term feuds.  

When Pluto transits a major point in an astrological chart, or when it is traveling in a highly stressful relationship -- like it is doing today -- whatever it brings to your table will be intense, with the possibility of heightened sarc...

Are you feeling irritable today? Getting into unexpected arguments? Or perhaps making some sudden breakthroughs in tensions in your home and family? Could be due to Mars opposing Uranus in today's astrological positions. Expect some rebellious self-assertion to be going on while this opposition is coloring astrological and human interactions

Feeling the Grand Cross today? Lots of people are. Here's what's going on. Basically, there are four planets that are locking horns in very hard / strained relationship, and usually that causes extreme tension, and a feeling of being pulled in many directions resulting in a lot of indecisiveness and non-productivity. 

Imagine four strong willed siblings stuck in a room together, with their innate rivalries and memories of fights, and grudges toward each other. That's a typical grand cross. 

The planets involved this time are Mars, Jupiter, Ur...

For the second time within 30 days, the planets and luminaries of our solar system are arranging themselves in a Grand Sextile and wide double Grand Trine on Monday, Aug 26. This configuration is relatively rare and if you tend to use tight orbs like I do – such as about 4 degrees separation, rather than the 9 degrees it takes to make this work – you could miss seeing it.

Perhaps though in the vast reaches of the universe, a few more degree of difference don’t matter much.

So what does this mean? Typically, such a configuration is considered...

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