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This is a question I have pondered since realizing I am a past life clairvoyant. The question becomes even bigger when delving into genealogy. 

Typically when we hear stories of people spontaneously remembering their past lives, the ethnicity or countries involved, languages, genders, and other factors seem to point to a kind of reincarnational globe-hopping. That is, all plausible argument that we inhabit different bloodlines.

But then there is other research into several stories in which a young boy seems to be a reincarnation of his...

Many of us grew up with the tales of Patrick the Irish hero-saint who drove the snakes from Ireland, who is celebrated every March 17th with green beer and shamrocks. Problem is, nothing about that myth is literally true.

Patrick was not his original name, it was Maewyn Succat. He wasn't Irish, but a Briton born in a Roman town, now believed to be in the Cumbria England region. There is no scientific evidence that slithering reptiles have ever inhabited Ireland. And to top it off, he was never actually officially canonized by the Vatican. C...

Karma, as a spiritual concept derived from ancient Hindu, is often misunderstood and distorted by the new age community and others in the West.  So let's begin by first debunking what karma is not. 

It is not punishment per se, although it is the logical consequence that follows from thoughts and deeds. It is not necessarily negative, although it can be harsh and seemingly undeserved if the causal action or hurtful speech occurred so long ago, or even in a past life, that the conscious mind has forgotten the seed that became the bitter fru...

Imagine for a moment that you are retirement age, have won a lottery, or for some reason never have to or aren't able to work another day in your life. What would you miss about your professional or career persona or purpose? Can you boil that down to a descriptor that is less than 5 words long?

Now ask yourself this -- Is that descriptor, that part of you, so central to who you are that you don't know who you'd be without it? Will it creep into your way of being in social or family interactions? Are you somewhat insulted or depressed if that wa...

Many are asking what we should be learning from the recent difficult times brought to so many by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the earthquake in Mexico, and the terrible fires burning up the forests of the North American west.  And it's not just this continent that is experiencing natural and man-made disasters right now. Similar troubles are occurring around the globe.

The photo above was taken near Missoula, Montana, but fires have been raging also in Greece, Brazil, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia, Greenland, and Siberia. 

Floods or monsoons (an...

When I was growing up, one of the first things kids were taught was to say please and thank you. I know that's still the case in many families. Which is why it surprises me that this simple courtesy of expressing thanks when someone does something for another, no matter how small a thing it is, is too often forgotten.

Now it's possible that I'm an old extremist when it comes to this matter. I say thank you when when the checker hands me the sales receipt, when a waiter refills my water glass, and if traveling through Oregon, I say thank you to t...

In the aftermath of the distressing shock of the presidential election results, many good-hearted people have been struggling to sort out our responses. We have fears and anxieties about how we and those we care about will be impacted.  We anguish about what cherished policies and permissions could be on the precipice of destruction. Our minds flow into catastrophe thinking, with good reason.

I've noticed several types of responses that I can now observe as coming from different categories I'd call energy holding patterns.

We all hold e...

Circulating around new age circles for several years is the idea of pre-birth planning.  This isn’t what your mom and her OB or midwife do at prenatal appointments.  It’s what your soul does between each lifetime to outline the myriad of potential challenges and opportunities you will agree to encounter in order to further your soul’s growth and complete your karmic lessons.

Now, after studying this concept for a while, and finding that soul plans are revealed by astrology, I’ve come to the understanding that we all have two levels of soul...

Perhaps it’s a character flaw, but too much sweetness and light really gets on my nerves.

Too much reflexive sending of prayers and “light and love” and healing vibes to remove all discomforts ever experienced seems ill-advised to me. When done in groups, there’s a déjà vu sense of the Easter parade of hats and outfits lining the aisle in church on the way to the chancel rail for communion – a showy display of the facades of publically professing faithfulness.

Too much enumerating of gratitudes as a technique to achieve the goal of being continua...

In my work as an astrologer, past life seer, and tarot reader, I am often asked by clients to tell them what kind of healer they are destined to be.  It seems that in readings from others, these clients have been told that they are on a path to being a healer, but the details about exactly what that will look like have been elusive.

I love looking into this kind of question.  There are so many ways to be a healer, and I’ve been fortunate to work with many in the complementary and alternative medicine fields. Perhaps not everyone thinks that bein...

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