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Feeling like the spiritual black sheep in the family? Got a vague sense of mission since a young age? Not sure what it is?

Having extraordinary or scary psychic experiences?

I know exactly what that's like.  And I want you to know this ~ You don't have to live in despair, wanting to articulate and feel certain about your beliefs, but having no understanding guide to help you sort out wisdom from spiritual blackmail.

I can relate to what you're going through and I have the tools and training to help you figure it out.


Depending on where this New Moon is falling in your own chart, expect the possibility of secrets being revealed and old wounds from childhood resurfacing. The upside, is that this is the perfect time to discard any masks you've been wearing that have been keeping you separate from your authentic self and from being truthfully vulnerable in your most significant relationships.

Is your life controlled by a deep dark secret? Does the fear of being found out terrorize you?

​Has an event or person from your past convinced you that ​there's something so​​ wrong with you that you'll never be normal?

This is what it's like to wrestle with shame-fear.  

Many of us who are instinctively on a shamanic path have experienced this.

Shame and Guilt:
What's the Difference?

People often confuse shame and guilt.  Although they may have some similarities, they are not the same emotion.

​​Guilt is a sickening feeling about something yo...

An Occasional Autumn Excitement

10:30 am  -- Looking out my home office window is usually a soul soothing pleasure. Just across the creek is a line of trees that provide a home for a raccoon family, occasional beaver, and a nice variety of birds that come visit on my deck. Great blue heron have nested on the roof, and swoop down to fish, looking -- I swear -- like the return of the pterodactyl.  Every other year, immodest salmon come to spawn right in front of me. It's Nature's Delight to be this close to the creek.

Except for...

For the last several years I have offered a unique kind of shamanic journey in which I can travel in search of past lives on behalf of clients. I've seen many nuns, priests, nobles and doctors from Renaissance Europe, pioneers and sailors on adventures, immigrant orphans and greenwitches making their way in unfriendly communities, and more. I have rarely known in advance where Spirit will take me, or to what time period I'll go.

Now, a new twist has opened up for me with this gift -- being able to request a visit to a specifically tribal lifetim...

Who are The Ancestors, and how to honor them in ritual is explored in this blog post.

There is a considerable amount of confusion about totems, power animals and animal spirit guides. And little in the way of any universally accepted, authentic, credible sources to shed reliable light when it comes to the ancient wisdom and practices of Native North American spiritualities.  Nonetheless, I shall provide here what I learned from my Ojibwe teacher and his apprentice.

Totem Animals

First and foremost, a totem is a symbol of identity. Although individuals can have a personal totem -- usually gained through some exceptional feat o...

A line from a TV show long past keeps echoing in my mind today -- The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight. Indeed. Last night. This month. This year. Too crowded is the world beyond, whatever metaphor your belief system employs. And we risk becoming numb, perhaps as an autonomic emotional reflex mechanism. In our consciousness are the cries that caring souls feel and it's important for the collective healing of the world's pain to have a healthy way to cope first before finding solutions and taking action.

Now, angels don't re...

RedHawk is a what I describe as a shamanic spirit guide. What that means is that he is a creature with the ability to connect with humans and give them answers, nudges, and guidance when called on. A shamanic spirit guide is not an individual animal was once lived in the world and is now deceased. It is, rather, the spiritual and physical archetype for all those living creatures, embodying both the behavioral and metaphysical traits of the species.

In shamanic spirituality, all sentient beings of the natural world have medicine. This includes pl...

Authentic spirit guides versus malicious poser entities have been a topic of discussion lately, and I’d like to add my somewhat opinionated and shamanic 2 cents worth. Now this is simply what makes sense to me, based on my training and spiritual biases, so don’t take it as gospel, just as additional perspective to consider.

Personally, I work strictly with shamanic animal archetypes as my spirit guides and guardians. They surround me 360 degrees, and one of their main jobs as a collective is to prevent intrusive energies from getting into my ene...

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