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First of the Earth signs, steady, reliable, sensual Taurus is defined by her determination to carry out her commitments. Her loyalty once given is typically unwavering, her patience seemingly unending. The Taurus person could well be the reason for the phrase, the salt of the Earth due to an admirable devotion to routines.

Often quiet in outward affect, Taurus nonetheless revels in creature comforts. Her pleasures are usually the simple ones that make her feel good in body and soul. Good food, good company, satisfying conversation, small self-in...

Leo is the second of the three Fire signs, and the one who cares most about making a favorable impression on others. When well balanced, this focus is exerted in being magnanimous and charming, two traits that soften what can be a commanding approach to the world. Because the typical Leo true self has a solid foundation of self-confidence, there is a good-natured affect that shines with grace, warmth, and trust in most interactions. 

Leos usually feel quite at home at center stage. They like holding the attention of an a...

I've been thinking a lot lately about how it is that I seem to show many more Aquarian, Scorpion, and Leonine traits than might be expected for one whose Sun is in Capricorn. If the Sun sign was all that important -- as those super short newspaper horoscopes try to have us believe -- most people would be unlikely to guess my Sun sign. I'm not all that ambitious, rarely accused of being conservative, and self-control is definitely lacking when it comes to certain non-nutritious food groups.

Capricorns are supposed to either be / seek to be author...

Two astrological events are occuring this week -- Saturn is ending the retrograde it's been in since late April, and the New Moon in Virgo is in opposition to Neptune.  In addition Chiron is two months into its retrograde and has just moved from Aries back into Pisces. As a psychological astrologer, my first interpretation of these events is always concerning the individual, but the striking macro-level impacts just can't be missed.

The Dark Moon  period marks the end of a lunar cycle. It’s purpose is to allow the quiet, solitary, deep  introspection of all that has occurred in the cycle that is concluding. It is the time for absorbing the growth and learning, and fully integrating the lessons into our souls.

We are always so busy in modern life. Most of us rarely meditate fully. Few relish the time alone needed for soul and spirit to ground, reflect, and prepare for another round of life. This contributes to the prevalent feeling of missing something, and even to that...

The last four important sacred days of the year for Pagans and others who follow the natural calendar are Lammas, Mabon (autumnal equinox), Samhain, and Winter Solstice (aka Yule). These days, also called sabbats, correspond with various solar and agricultural points in the year that were of primary important to our ancestors. Sabbat is a word that, similar to the word sabbath, indicates a day for ritual and celebration.

Because the usual Pagan dates vary from the astrological dates, I tend to call the period that encompasses both as the respect...

For many of us, Mercury Retrograde is an event that occurs 3 or 4 times a year. Sometimes it wrecks havoc with scheduling, commuter travel, minor accidents, electronics, and communicating what we mean. And then it's done and life gets back to normal.

And by the way, the next Mercury Retrograde is approaching, starting on July 26. This time the passage with all be in Leo. In general, this could be a period when some should expect frustration with creative pursuits, increased arguments and conflicts, and possible minor accidents.

But some of us, ab...

Technically, today  -- 11 July 2018  -- we are under the Dark Moon, a time when no visible lunar light is being reflected. This is a period that can last from 1.5 to as much as 3.5 nights, depending on where the Moon is in its orbit around the earth. It is the interval between the slightest waning crescent and the barely seen waxing crescent of the lunar silhouette.

Astrologically there may be no specific position of the Moon in relation to the Sun that is agreed by most astrologers to be the Dark Moon degrees. I use an orb of about 10...

An astronomic event that can have real influence on human minds and bodies are solar flares. Not everyone notices these signs and symptoms, and if you do experience some, you probably won't experience them all.

And these difficulties and increases are usually quite short lived and not more than a day or two at most, but typically quite brief, passing in minutes or hours. 

Nonetheless, as humanity in general becomes more energetically aware, it's possible to correlate these coronal mass ejections to the most notable signs and symptoms liste...

Well, it's been more than a month since I've blogged -- my apologies. With both Saturn and Pluto in retrograde right now, I'm feeling fairly drained of energy. Maybe you are too?

Another way to put it is that both these planets tend to demand the kind of internal examination and changes in one's approach to daily life that are effortful.

With Saturn, our personal limits push back against our ambitions and plans. Others challenge our boundaries in ways that make us feel like we are constantly renegotiating and getting damn tired of it.

If this wer...

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