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Astrology Reading or Report?

How to Choose

Readings  are done in response to questions about your personal situation, to help you see your challenges more clearly, and to understand the dynamics of astrological support that is available to empower you. The WiseWoman Seer's intuitive interpretations of the astrology chart(s) used to address your situation form the basis of readings.

Reports  provide information of interest to satisfy curiosity, add to self-awareness, and give some fun self-knowledge. Reports rely on computer software, with some tweaks and augmented interpretation from the WiseWoman Seer.

Whether ordering a reading or a report, you will need to provide your birth date, birth location, and birth time.  If you don't know your birth time and family can't estimate it, I have a process for approximating it.

What I Include in Astrology Readings


​Classical western astrology considers 12 constellations, 12 houses or life areas, the 2 luminaries (Sun and Moon) and 8 planets (we still call Pluto a planet),  the nodes of the Moon, and the Ascendent.  Many astrologers also include Chiron as a planetoid.

Some astrologers also work with the 4 main asteroids of Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas Athene.

When your focus question warrants, I may add one or two chart entities beyond these, depending on the reading, because they have proven useful in my own life and for my clients.  Extra entities you might see in your chart and reading include:


  • Hygeia -- asteroid of health

  • Astraea -- asteroid of waiting

  • Transpluto -- asteroid of abandonment & renewal

  • Black Moon Lillith -- point of ambivalence before burning bridges

  • Eris -- asteroid of discord due to forced change

  • The Midheaven (locational charts) -- professional life

  • The Decendent (locational charts) -- partnered life

  • The Imum Coeli (locational charts) -- home and family life

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