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Astro Insights Reading

Your single specific question answered by email.

Due to the number of requests for this reading,

please allow up to 72 hours to receive your reading.

only $44

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What Can

You Gain from

an Astrology 

Reading by Email?

​Without overwhelming you with astro-babble, you can get insight on

one of these questions, issues or problems:

  • early life survival decisions

  • money flow inhibitors

  • emotional resilience needs

  • entrepreneurial capacity

  • likely karmic lessons

  • where a planet or sign is in your chart and what it impacts most

  • Rising sign & Moon sign

  • energetic balance of your chart

  • astrological hard wiring for relationship difficulties

What to Do

Choose the ONE question you want your reading to focus on, and click the payment button. Be sure to include your email address in the NOTES section of the payment form.


If you forget to include your email address during the payment process, send me an email right away   


When I receive confirmation of payment I'll email you for your your birth data if you haven't already included that in your separate email, and we'll schedule your phone appointment.


Birth data necessary for any astrology reading includes:

  • day, month and year of birth

  • the town where you were born

  • the time you were born, or as close as you can guess


When you send your birth data, please also include the most pressing questions you would like insight on from your reading.

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Your details were sent successfully!

NOTE -- if you've sent me an email with astro-birth data but haven't received
an astrology report, it's most likely because your payment hasn't gone through.

Check your PayPal or credit card account to figure out what the glitch is.

Examples of Questions Astrology Can Answer

  • Does my chart show that I might have any aptitude for being an entrepreneur?

  • Why do I always seem to have such a hard time making or keeping money?

  • I've been sick all my life -- can astrology have something to do with that?

  • My childhood was difficult -- was that my destiny or what?

  • I have such a thirst for travel and education -- is that because of my astrology?

  • What could the planets possibly say about my love life?

Please note


Due to the ethics of privacy and confidentiality, questions involving other people require permission from those individuals to look at their chart.  Nor is astrology  -- in the way I practice it --  fortune-telling.  So questions such as those below cannot be answered unless birth data comes directly from the 3rd party involved.

Is there anything in my mother's astrology that would explain why she was so needy, harsh, or distant to me?

I have great ambitions for my son -- is he destined to succeed at his career?

Can you see when my parents  / husband  are likely to die*?

(Death is almost never possible to see in a birth chart, and I have purposely not pursued training for the procedures needed to forecast a death date)

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