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Part 3: Astro-Savvy Course

The Astro-Savvy:  
E-Learning Part 3 Personal Astrology 

WiseWoman Seer’s GreyOwl SeesWithin e-learning concludes with this  5- session interactive online course  that covers the 4 common charts used by professional astrologers and advanced amateurs when needing to discover connections to other people or to events.  You'll also learn about the several karmic indicators in any chart. After this course you'll be prepared to start a supervised practicum towards reading astrology as a hobby.

Cost:  $135
This five week Savvy course

is not schedule for 2017

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To study a relationship chart, you will need the astro info for a spouse, parent, child, friend, or co-worker.  And to cast a chart for a person not enrolled in this course, I must be assured that they have given you permission to use their chart for learning purposes.

As with any chart, complete birth date, place, and time will be needed. 

Astro-Savvy Course Content

This interactive 5-week course is designed to conclude your training in everything a hobbiest astrologer needs to know to interpret simple charts and situations.

 With self-paced weekly lessons and exercises in a self-study manual, private Facebook discussion group, copies of various versions of your own chart, and one private consult with Deah, you will learn:

1. How to Interpret Transit Charts
    • for astral events like retrograde periods
    • for human events like planning weddings
2. How to Interpret a Relationship Bi-Wheel
3. Interpretting Charts of the Relationship Itself

     • for lovers

     • for parents and child

4. Special Significance Astro-Cycle Charts

     • Saturn Return
     • Chiron Return

     • Uranus Opposition

5. Karma and Karmic Indicators

     • Saturn, Pluto, South Node
     • Pisces and 12th house

Astro-Savvy learning activities will help you begin the shift from being a curious client to a knowledgeable hobbyist --- or could even be the first step to your own professional astrology practice.   By the end of this 5 week course you will be able to read your own lifetime (natal) chart and at least 3 others.


About  Your Course Instructor

Deah Curry is veteran teacher of psychospiritual courses at college level and a number of practical workshops for the general public. She has been reading astrology professionally for more than 15 years, and using it with psychotherapy clients to help them gain alternative understanding of some likely origins of emotional distress. With an easy-going expertise, Deah helps you use your own chart to better understand your personality, energy and resilience for challenges in this lifetime.

Course Pacing

A pdf file training manual with weekly homework assignments allow you to learn at your own pace, no matter what time zone you are in.  Content is delivered in the most abbreviated version to guard against learning overwhelm.  A continuously monitored Facebook private group provides a place for questions, answers, and interaction with Deah and other course memebers.  To master this material, you should expect to spend about 2-3 hours a week in study, review, and application.

As fits your learning style, time, and intention,
you can participate in these activities:

• Weekly instruction, exercises and discussion
• Practical application at home using your own chart and others in various versions
• A private Facebook forum for sharing and interaction with Deah and other learners
• One 30 minute private consult with Deah during week 5 to advance your skills

By the end of this third of the 3 part course series, you’ll have a good level of comfort with your own charts, and you might even be able to do novice interpretation of the charts of people you know by correlating your knowledge of them with your intuition and your knowledge of the structures of astrology.  But this course alone won’t prepare you to become a professional astrologer.  For that you’ll need additional study in a special area of astrology, some expert mentoring, and at least a couple years of constant practice. 

Not Expert with Computers or the Internet?  No Problem

The technology requirements for this course are pretty basic.  You’ll need:
• A laptop or desktop computer
• Facebook account (not necessary for private tutoring)
• Email address

Payment Convenience
One payment of $135

Contact the seer via or
send email to

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