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Astro-Match Relationship Report

What is this report more expensive than the others?


This is almost 3 readings in one -- each person's birth chart is compared to the other's, and then a special chart is constructed that shows the relationship as if it were an individual.  It's more than three times the work to comprehend the chart comparisons.

What to Do


Order this reading first by purchasing with the PayPal button. You can provide the birth data for both parties in the notes section of the payment screen.


If you forget to include your email address during the payment process, send me an email right away   If you email, do include your birth data info.


When I receive confirmation of payment I'll email you for your your birth data if you haven't already included that in your separate email, and we'll schedule your phone appointment.


Birth data necessary for any astrology reading includes:

  • day, month and year of birth

  • the town where you were born

  • the time you were born, or as close as you can guess


When you send your birth data, please also include the most pressing questions you would like insight on from your reading.


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by email only
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Are you compatible?
Find out with the
Relationship Report

Without overwhelming you with astro-babble, you'll get insight on:

  • early life survival decisions

  • conflict with family & friends

  • money flow inhibitors

  • emotional resilience needs

  • entrepreneurial capacity

  • creativity indicators

  • hidden general stressors

  • factors of public reputation

  • astrological hard wiring for relationship difficulties 

  • karmic lessons

  • overall life path as influenced by your astrology

NOTE -- if you've sent me an email with astro-birth data but haven't received
an astrology report, it's most likely because your payment hasn't gone through.

Check your PayPal or credit card account to figure out what the glitch is.

 Questions This Astro-Match Report Can Answer

Is it likely I'll get my needs met by my significant other?


Does astrology show my partner to be supportive of my career?


In what ways might our parenting styles differ?


What are we most likely to clash over?


Are our religious / spiritual beliefs compatible?


What do our charts say about health, wealth, and personal challenges?

Please note


Due to the ethics of privacy and confidentiality, questions involving other people require permission from those individuals to look at their chart.  Both parties must consent to an Astro-Match reading. Nor is astrology  -- in the way I practice it --  fortune-telling, and I cannot provide confirmation of your partner's misdeeds.  So questions such as those below cannot be answered in an Astro-Match reading. 

Has s/he cheated on me in our marriage?


Can you see when my spouse is likely to die?

(Death is almost never possible to see in a birth chart, and I have purposely not pursued training for the procedures needed to forecast a death date)

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