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Part 2: Astro-Initiate Course

Astro-Initiate Course Content

This interactive 6-week course is designed to introduce you to the more subtle and complex factors of understanding astrology. With self-paced weekly lessons contained in a  25 page manual including practice charts, private and frequently monitored Facebook discussion group, copies of various versions of your own chart, and one private consult with Deah, you will learn:

1. The Natural Structure 202
    • Intercepted Signs
    • Duplicated Signs
    • Empty Houses
2. Retrograde Planets
3. Major Mathematical Points

     • North & South Nodes of the Moon

     • Black Moon Lillith
     • The Vertex
     • The Part of Fortune

4. WiseWoman Asteroids

    • Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta, Juno
    • Hygeia, Astraea, Eris
5. Quirks

     • The Divine Trickster
     • Divine Will
6. Unaspected Planets

Astro-Initiate learning activities will help you to make sense of the various anomalies of a chart. You’ll learn exceptions to the rules learned in the Astro-Novice course, and be introduced to the asteroids and the most common mathematical points that have strong significance in many charts.  By the end of this 6 week course you will be able to read your own lifetime (natal) chart from start to finish.


About  Your Course Instructor

Deah Curry is veteran teacher of psychospiritual courses at college level and a number of practical workshops for the general public. She has been reading astrology professionally for more than 15 years, and using it with psychotherapy clients to help them gain alternative understanding of some likely origins of emotional distress. With an easy-going expertise, Deah helps you use your own chart to better understand your personality, energy and resilience for challenges in this lifetime.

Course Pacing

At enrollment you will receive the pdf file with the complete text of readings, sample charts, and weekly assignments.   Within the 6 week time frame, you can learn at your own pace, no matter what time zone you are in, and post comments, questions and assigned exercises at your own pace -- although it is recommend to generally strive to work through one assignment per week.   Content is delivered in the most abbreviated, jargon-free version to guard against learning overwhelm.  To master this material, you should expect to spend about 2-3 hours a week in study, review, and application.

As fits your learning style, time, and intention,
you can participate in these activities:

• Weekly readings that include instruction and discussion in one document
• Practical application at home using your own chart and others in various versions
• A private Facebook forum for sharing and interaction with Deah and other learners
• One 30 minute private consult with Deah during week 6 to advance your skills

By the end of this second of the 3 part course series, you’ll have a good level of comfort with your own charts, and you might even be able to do novice interpretation of the charts of people you know by correlating your knowledge of them with your intuition and your knowledge of the structures of astrology.  But this course alone won’t prepare you to become a professional astrologer.  For that you’ll need the last course in this series, additional study in a special area of astrology and at least a couple years of constant practice. 

Not Expert with Computers or the Internet?  No Problem

The technology requirements for this course are pretty basic.  You’ll need:
• A laptop or desktop computer
• Facebook account
• Email address

Recommended supplemental text:  The Astrology Bible by Judy Hall


Payment Convenience
One payment of $145


Contact the seer via or
send email to

The Astro-Initiate:  
E-Learning Part 2 Personal Astrology 

WiseWoman Seer’s GreyOwl SeesWithin e-learning continues with this  6- session interactive online course  that covers the complexities of interpretting planets in houses, retrogrades, the important mathematical points, seven major asteroids, quirks and unaspected planets for deeper and more accurate interpretation of your own chart.

Cost:  $145
This six week Initiate course
is not yet scheduled


As a student in this course, you will be provided with many charts -- some personal to you, and some more generic. To have your chart cast you will need to provide your birth date, birth location, and birth time.  If you don't know your birth time and family can't estimate it, I have a process for approximating it.

Details for


Request Your Birth Chart 
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