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Animal Guide Breakthrough Reading

In this reading your special spirit helper from the animal kingdom will be called forward to communicate about what it sees, knows or advises regarding a current situation in your life.  A single card pulled augments the intuitive  / psychic contact with your animal guide.

This animal guide will share a practical and uplifting message about the obstacles you face and what is needed for breakthrough. You'll get wise options to consider from your animal guide's perspective, along with specific steps to take to move beyond fear and worry.

When Should You Get an  

Animal Guide

Breakthrough Reading?

  • When you feel stuck

  • When you want to know which power animal is available to help you at this time

  • When it helps to visualize the guardianship of a spirit being in a familiar form

  • When you are in need of insight for making a decision

Message and card image

delivered to you by email only


for the reading and emailed report

Cards Used in this Reading

Intuition will inform me about which specific cards to use for your reading.  I have three on hand to choose from.

Animal Wise Tarot

Developed by Ted Andrews, this is a full fledged tarot deck.  The four suits are represented by The Ancients (wands / fire) comprising reptiles and amphibians, The Shapeshifters (cups / water), including insects and arachnids, The Winged Ones (swords / air) which are obviously birds, and The Four-Leggeds (pentacles / earth), which are the mammals. The major arcana cards are a mix of species.

Druid Animal Oracle

Not technical a tarot deck, this set of cards created by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm represent creatures known to the Celtic / Druid culture of ancient times that was mostly centered in the lands now know as Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia and France.  It uses animals not present in Animal Wise, such as the Hind (red deer), Boar, Adder, Sow, Salmon, and the 4 elemental dragons.

Medicine Cards​

What to Do

When ordering this reading, be sure to include your email address in a note to WisewomanSeer.  I will contact you to let you know your request has been received, and you will get your reading within 24 hours.

Created by Jamie Sams and David Carson, this oracle set is the original deck of animal cards, and one of my earliest purchases. The cards and messages they evoke are focused around the relationship that some Native Americans have had with the animal world.  It is these cards in particular that may be credited with ushering in the era of animal guides in popular culture.

Thanks! Message sent.

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