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Air Signs & Planets

The common trait threading through the Air signs is that of INNOVATIVE  INTELLECT, for the Air signs and planets operate in the realm of the Mind.   These signs and planets seek mental rapport, thrive on communication, love the world of ideas and concepts, and even get a thrill from new insights and electronic technologies.   The Air signs and planets are excited by seeing infinite possibilities and are frequently the instigators for change, though not so much the actual accomplishers of transformation -- that dirty work they leave to Earth energies.

Gemini the sign and Mercury its planetary ruler are curiosity followers.  Everything is interesting and must be talked about.  Gem / Merc can generate mountains of entertaining pieces of information and spend many happy hours following its random threads out of sheer inquisitiveness -- so much so that this pair has a bit of a reputation for being superficial and fickle, and possibly prone to attention deficit disorder. When ideas get too complex or serious, they stop being fun, and the Gem / Merc is off on a different tangent. But they can likely connect you with a few references for just about anything you'd like to know.

Libra the sign and Venus its planetary ruler are the people pleasing diplomats of the zodiac.  Their form of developing mental rapport is through partnerships, and using their mind to gain and share understanding and perspectives that are genuine and connective to human relationships. Libra / Venus energy is what you want in Congress, with their drive towards compromise, collaboration and peace-making for the benefit of the greatest good.     But when pressured, this duo can vacillate and become quite indecisive, while also telling you what it thinks you want to hear, or what will maintain its status as an amiable "nice guy."  

Aquarius the sign and Uranus its planetary ruler are the future-oriented rebels of a chart that may be so far out ahead of everyone else that their ideas seem quite far-fetched and impractical.  Tesla may be a perfect example of Aq / Ur energy, with his theories and devices in the field of electricity that were so far ahead of their time that their practical genius couldn't be envisioned let alone commercialized by enough investors to make them a marketable success.  But the true Aquarian propelled by the Uranian need for nonconformity and change  even at the cost of creating chaos along the way will always be promoting greater liberation from the old tried and true methods of the day.

To have your chart cast you will need to provide your birth date, birth location, and birth time.  If you don't know your birth time and family can't estimate it, I have a process for approximating it.

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