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​What is a Seer?​

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Image of GreyOwl symbolizing Deah Curry, intuitive reader, certified coach, spiritual counselor

​A seer is a person who sees aspects or layers or energies of reality that are beyond the physical realm.  Often reserved for clairvoyants who see the future, the term can all be applied to individuals who can read auras -- which are colored subtle energy fields surrounding the physical body -- see parts of past lives, or who can receive intuitive information through visions and direct knowing via direct and metaphoric imagery.  This is not necessarily the same as seeing things before they happen, but is a related gift. 

What's with the Owl?

​​GreyOwl SeesWithin has been my medicine name since the early 1990s. Usually a medicine name is held quite private, but now my Guides have said I have permission to allow others to know this name. I use it when doing Spiritwork, not to shield my identity, but to strengthen my connection to Source, for the highest good of the client.  It is a particularly appropriate name for a seer and spiritual counselor, due to the importance of seeing through the defenses the world requires, and wounds we have accumulated through the experience of being human.  

Mundane Credentials

  • PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University with emphasis in consciousness, spirituality, and healing

  • MA in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University Seattle 

  • BA in Communication Arts from University of West Florida

  • Certification as Professional Coach from International Coach Academy

  • Certification in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy from Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute

  • Certification in Core Shamanism 

I am blessed with mental intuition, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance -- all leading to  active visual knowing and descriptive ability that is continually evolving as I learn to not second guess the imagery presented to me.  Usually the images are not meant to be literal, but instead provide an emotional tone or means of explanation that is a kind of visual shorthand for more lengthy description or useful interpretation and direction setting.

​My Background as an Intuitive Seer

​Cards, charts, bodily-felt signals, energy field dowsing, Spirit whispers, and past life visions are the methods I use to help you gain the information you seek.


What I do best is provide intuitive, psychologically grounded interpretations that shed light on your decisions, directions, conflicts, challenges, and dilemmas.  General readings will identify unseen forces that influence your actions, emotions, and personality. 

​​When you need answers  -- such as on why you resist too much, give in to easily, can’t seem to get ahead, feel your life is on a roller coaster, or want to know what is sabotaging you --  I will focus the reading to highlight your questions.

​​My ability to “translate” information and theory from a metaphysical paradigm  -- such as the Spirit world, shamanic traditions, or subtle energy science  --  into useful advice for everyday real life gives you a familiar frame of reference on which to hang your trust in the transformational insights that are opened to you.

I have been studying various esoteric arts all my life.  Reading tarot to help friends, clients, and colleagues began in 1990.  Interpreting astrological charts has been part of my spiritual counseling, personal growth coaching, and business consultation services since 1997.

In addition, I have taken training in Core Shamanism, a rigorous, graduate level education in the spiritual philosophy and healing practices that have informed the indigenous cultures around the world for thousands of years.



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