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The 7 Sacred Directions used by WiseWomanSeer

7 Directions Animal Guides Reading

In this reading your set of 7 directional, elemental spirit helpers from the animal kingdom will be called and identified. The roles they play in your life will be outlined, and you'll get advice on how to connect with each one. Cards augment the intuitive  / psychic contact with your set of animal guides.

The 7 directions for the purposes of this reading are:

East = representing Beginnings and the realm of Intellect

South = representing Creation and the realm of Action

West = representing Endings and the realm of Emotion

North = representing Wisdom and the realm of Spirit

The Above = representing the Ancestral Traditions

The Below = representing Earthly Instincts

and The Within = representing the urge for Authenticity

What Will a 7 Directions  Animal Guides

Reading Tell You?

​From your directional animal guides you will learn:

  • What animal guide guards you from which direction

  • Where to focus your attention

  • What actions to take now

  • How to interpret your emotions

  • What Spirit is whispering for your highest good

  • How your own ancestors are watching out for you 

  • Which instincts are guiding you in Truth, and

  • How your inner authenticity is connected to your animal guide.

with intuition and cards

delivered to you by email only


for the reading and emailed report

Cards Used in this Reading

Intuition will inform me about which specific cards to use for your reading.  I have three on hand to choose from.

What to Do

When ordering this reading, be sure to include your one sentence focus question in a note to WisewomanSeer.  I will contact you to let you know your request has been received, and you will get your reading within 24 hours.

Animal Wise Tarot


Developed by Ted Andrews, this is a full fledged tarot deck.  The four suits are represented by The Ancients (wands / fire) comprising reptiles and amphibians, The Shapeshifters (cups / water), including insects and arachnids, The Winged Ones (swords / air) which are obviously birds, and The Four-Leggeds (pentacles / earth), which are the mammals.  The major arcana cards are a mix of species.

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