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Important Notice -- WiseWomanSeer is on hiatus from teaching, blogging, reading and most Facebook posting. There is as yet no anticipated date for a return to services. 

Why Get a Reading

Elicit Spiritual Perspectives
  • gain clarity on complex questions

  • put your mind at ease about worries

  • get advice from the spirit realms

  • consider a new approach to problems

  • learn something new about past lives

  • discover what the Spirits want you to know

  • have animal guides revealed to you

  • gain insight from your astrology

Who Gets WiseWomanSeer Readings

  • individuals just awakening to metaphysical spirituality

  • seekers wanting shamanic / Nature-based spiritual insights

  • highly sensitive / empathic millennials

  • those who are curious about past lives

  • adults ready to reinvent themselves

  • psychic learners in need of consultation or validation

  • those who want deeper connection to spirit realms

  • moms in need of deeper child psycho-spiritual potentials

  • Aries  & Taurus on impulse or indulgence

  • Geminis with possibility curiosity

  • Cancers & Libras with relationship issues

  • Leos & Pisces wanting self-expressions

  • Virgos with chronic worries

  • Scorpios hungry for deeper meanings

  • Sagittarians  & Capricorns to know Truth

  • Aquarians being progressive

Satisfy Curiosity

Channeled SpiritWork

Divination & Spirit Guide Readings

Perspectives on business from RedHawk

Guidance on life issues from WildWolf

Messages from the Crystals

Messages from MotherEarth

Readings offered at designated opportunities announced on

Clients Praise WiseWomanSeer Readings

Client Comment 
About the
Sacred Mountain
of the Ancestors

This, of all the readings, is a great gift...thanks so much

~ Sue, Pennsylvania

SpiritWork   :|:   Astrology   :|:   Tarot

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Image of colorful feather

Spirit Guide Readings


with two of Nature's wisest, most insightful helpers. RedHawk prompts the WiseWoman Seer on using just the right tools -- possibly including tarot, runestones, pendulum, astrology, ritual, meditation, journeying or flower essences -- to answer the question posed and suggest actions you can take.  WildWolf looks into the energy dynamics of the situation in question and provides direct, practical advice. Both readings are provided by email only.


Astrology is the blueprint for your spiritual DNA.  It reveals your soul plan for this lifetime, and provides clues to some of your more recent or significant lifetimes. Astrology can be used to determine the best date and time for planning an important event like a wedding, and which days to avoid for launching a new business. Comparing the charts of partners or parents and child will tell you where to expect difficulties and how to maximize your favorable potentials.  When your astrological data is plotted onto a geographical map, astrology can even tell you where in the world the energies will be best for marriage, home life, and career. Astrology readings provided by email -- distance is no problem!

Tarot & Oracle Readings

Cards serve as a way for intuition as well as spirit guides and ancestors to communication in a visually appealing form, adding depth and richness to readings through the use of color and imagery. With many decks and reading types available to choose from, a tarot or oracle reading provides insights, reveals hidden obstacles, illuminates cautions, suggests action steps, and bolsters confidence for moving forward in your life.

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